Be sure to Back-Up: (
Your Bookmarks, Desktop, Documents, iTunes, iPhotos, movies, addressbook and contacts, or any other application specific data.
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Suggested Back Up Drives:
16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive
~ 500 GB Portable External Hard Drive
~ DVD-R discs (50 pack)

Just been re-imaged? Setup Videos:
~ Setup AddressBook?
~ Setup new Mail?

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Adding Printers

Here is a video on how to add printers.


Hello. It's ALWAYS Time to Back Up Your Laptop
It's getting close, the annual laptop roundup where students turn in their laptops to get a slew of much needed updates and patches to keep them working properly. During this time each laptop is "re-imaged" returning it to a "like new" software state meaning that all personal information that is not backed up will be lost. Beat the mad rush to find disks and space and start backing up now. When backing up, you have 4 main options depending on how much and what stuff you are trying to save. Read below for more information.

When backing up, you have 4 main options depending on how much and what stuff you are trying to save.

1. Back up school work to the Ross servers.
With the exception of students with large video based projects, most students can back up all of their school work to the Ross School servers. Students have been given instruction on how to do this but some forget so we have posted detailed instructions this year here.

Remember: Music files (ie: itunes) and movies that are not school work can be removed by the Help Desk without notice so be careful and use the space wisely.

Pros: Free, Easy and great for backing up School Work
Cons: You CAN NOT back up your personal iTunes (worth $$$)







2. Store your files online.
Find an online storage solution such as or that offer web-based backup. ( and DropBox are free up to 2Gigabytes).

Pros: Can be accessed from any computer and no disks or drives to loose.
Cons: Can be slow to access and backup.

3. Use a external back up drive (good for big files).
This can be somewhat expensive but in the end might be the best solution for some users with big music & movie collections. Many USB 2.0 hard drive are not "portable" and can be used but many don't travel well and are more prone to crashing. Iomega makes a fairly durable 500 GB Portable External Hard Drive for around $100. This still has moving parts and isn't indestructible but it is a lot of fast storage. Another smaller yet more durable option would be to get a USB flash drive (no moving parts) which you can find here (16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive) for about $22.

Pros: More storage and faster than the other options
Cons: Cost and mechanical drives sometimes fail.

**The main thing to remember is that any backup takes time and some careful thought on the part of the user. So make sure you get your stuff backed up, your laptop will come back to with a new "like new" image but there won't be a trace of your old files.